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Super Cool Backgrounds for Teachers!

DWritten by Danielle Rivera, TeacherSherpa Co-Founder & Educator

FREE Backgrounds for Teachers, You Say?

January 10, 2015 – Hey Friends!  How many of you out there are in love with super cool backgrounds for teachers? YES, I hear your screams…”ME!!!!!”  I love them too, along with cute, teacher frames and fonts – what can I say, I’m an elementary teacher who enjoys visually appealing things to decorate the classroom with.  Well, if you’re one of those “super, cool backgrounds for teacher” lovin’ individuals, you’ve got to check out the hundreds of FREE cool backgrounds on TeacherSherpa.  

Super Cool Backgrounds for Teachers

Here are some of my fun favs that I used to make these “teacher humor” posters.  

       cool backgrounds for teachers   cool backgrounds for teachers    cool backgrounds for teachers

And, here are some other cool backgrounds for teachers that I Love, love love to use when I’m creating content for the classroom. 

Cool backgrounds for teachers

Solid Illusions are fun to use.

Or, if you’re a Chevron lover, here are some colorful, cool backgrounds you will like.

Cool backgrounds for teachers

Colorful Chevrons

And there are more super cool backgrounds, so don’t stop there!

If you’re more in a mood for a little romance, playfulness or school related, you can find cool backgrounds that meet all of those topics on TS, too!

cool backgrounds for teachers

Love is in the air!


cool backgrounds for teachers



cool backgrounds for teachers

Playful in the fields

cool backgrounds for teachers

Polka dot mushrooms

cool backgrounds for teachers

The classroom

There are so many cool backgrounds in TeacherSherpa’s editor (remember, it’s FREE to use). So, check it out for yourself and use whichever colorful, creative and fun backgrounds that grab your eye!  

p.s. There’s tons and tons of free clipart, frames, cute fonts and a QR code generator in TeacherSherpa’s editor, too! 

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