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Nope, We Aren’t Just Another Teacher Site


Written by TS co-founder, Danielle Rivera

If you are a teacher in today’s day and age, finding sites filled with thousands of teacher-created materials is simple.  But, finding teacher-created materials that are exactly what you need for your own students may not be as easy of a find.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to go to ‘borrow’ what other great teachers have created and be able to edit certain things to differentiate for your class?

Wouldn’t it be nice for other teachers to eagerly and willingly share with you, allowing their original materials to inspire your own creativity and style?

We, teachers, do this all the time within our own campus community, so why wouldn’t we want to share and borrow with other teachers everywhere?

Sharing & Inspiringshutterstock_338612135

I love sharing ideas with other teachers, and love visiting classrooms where I’m able to ‘borrow’ an idea and share with other teachers in my district. I’ve always said, “The best ideas are borrowed ideas!” As an educator, I realize we all have different teaching styles and different needs within our classroom. So, I believe in getting inspired by other great teachers, taking an idea they have shared, then making it my own. I think most, if not all, teachers do this all the time.

The TeacherSherpa community is built on this philosophy of creating, sharing and borrowing materials from teachers around the world.  We listened to our teacher community who wanted a place like TeacherSherpa (we like to refer to it as TS), and want other teachers to discover our world of freely sharing materials as well.

shutterstock_3405259614 Things that Make TeacherSherpa Different

Respecting that everyone has different purposes and needs, we understand our community may not be for everyone. That’s okay, we can still be friends.  However, for teachers who are in the same mindset as members of our TS community, we are happy to have you here!  We’d like to share some things that make us different and give you an idea of what to expect from TeacherSherpa.

  1. Our simple Editor, loaded with teacher-fonts, backgrounds, clipart and QR code feature, was inspired by teachers for teachers. You have access to all images and clipart found in our editor, without needing permission to use it in what you create! (*Note: If you upload your own images and clipart, please adhere to and respect the creators of those things. We aren’t responsible for things used outside of our platform.)
  2. By making your materials public on TeacherSherpa, they get posted to the Inspiration Wall, which means you are giving permission for other members to use your materials and differentiate them in any way they choose to meet the needs of their own students.
  3. You have unlimited downloads to anything and everything that is shared on our platform.  So, print as many copies as you want, download everything that inspires you, and don’t be afraid of editing others’ work (when members share, they are giving you permission to do this).
  4. Earn revenue share by joining our Referral Program. This is our way of saying ‘Thank you’’ to all of our members, not just those who create and share their materials.


That’s it! It’s that simple! Get started creating, sharing and inspiring!