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Bash Boredom This Summer!

DpicWritten by TS co-founder, Danielle Rivera
Some teachers and students wrapped up the school year last week, while others wrapped up over a month ago. Regardless, summer is in full swing, and now your days are filled with trying to keep your own children active and engaged throughout the day. So, bash boredom this summer before it begins.

Bored kidsYour kids love summer, don’t we all?

First of all, I love summer! I love my family time, long hikes and snuggles with Boudreau
x (our four-legged family member).  Also, I love the flexibility of not having a set schedule.  My family usually goes non-stop, filling the day with things we enjoy doing together.  And, we also work together on jobs around the house.  But, children tend to get bored quite easily, and this is when you might panic.

I’m sure you can relate to those feelings. You know what I’m talking about. You are going about your morning, everything is good, everyone is happy and content with a lazy morning. Then you can feel what’s coming after a few hours of reading or board games.  Yep, you guessed it.  You hear something like, “I’m bored.” Yikes!

So, you take a breath.  You tell yourself not to panic.

Whew! You came across this printable for creating a “Bash Boredom” jar just in time.  And, I’m happy to share this FREEBIE with you!

Bash Boredom Jar Ideas

Bash BoredomThe Bash Boredom Jar contains 30 happy face cards, each with a different activity. The ideas are simple, fun, and don’t cost a thing!

Your kids can start by using an empty jar and decorating it.  The cards can then be printed and thrown into the decorated jar.  When you hear your kids saying they are bored, pull an idea out of the jar to “un-bore” them. You know, it may be just the thing your kids need to inspire them to come up with their own ideas to add to the Boredom Jar.

Whether your kids use these ideas, or it sparks a little creativeness in themselves, I hope it helps a bit with the “I’m bored!” syndrome this summer. The idea is to keep things simple, fun, and as zombie-eyes-of-technology-free as possible!

What are you doing to create a fun & simple summer at your house? Create your own activities & share with others on

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