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Create on TeacherSherpa, Sell on TPT

Create on TSDpicWritten by TS co-founder & educator Danielle Rivera

If you’re a teacher who creates and sells materials on sites like TeachersPayTeachers (TPT), you may want to check out how creating with TeacherSherpa (TS) can help ease the load and be a complementary tool.  Create on TeacherSherpa, sell on TPT – a match made in heaven.

What is TeacherSherpa (TS)?

TS is a community where teachers create (and share, if you’d like) editable materials.  We provide an all-in-one tool that is preloaded with fun teacher fonts, clipart, all kinds of backgrounds & frames, and everything in between.  This is just one reason why TS is complementary to TPT.

We think TPT teacher-authors rock and would love for you to come explore our cool, new tool to try out when creating your materials for your stores. We’ve already started chatting with many of you out there, and it’s exciting to hear your excitement! Yay!

Oh,  and we wanted to let you in on a little secret…Mrs. Fun’s Clipart (who, by the way, is filled with so much life and passion) is soon to be added to our clipart collection! How cool is that?!

So, although we’d love for you to share all of your editable materials on the Inspiration Wall at TeacherSherpa, we get that you might only want to share your FREEBIES and keep selling your paid materials on other platforms.  We are totally cool with that too!

How TPT sellers can benefit from TS

So, you’re a TPT seller who most likely creates using PowerPoint or the likes. Think about the process you go through when making your teacher-created materials.  You search for those perfect doodles, backgrounds, clipart and teacher fonts. You might even purchase all of those elements individually.  Okay, now upload, download, go here, go there. Whew! It’s a bit of work and time.

Think about TeacherSherpa now, and keep reading to find out how you can benefit as a TPT teacher-author by using our all-in-one tool.

Sherpa-colour-10-(1)What it means for you to create on TeacherSherpa:

  • TS is an all-in-one tool
  • Access to unlimited clipart, fonts, backgrounds, images
  • QR code generator is integrated
  • Create & save into folders
  • Gives you an additional platform to share freebies 
  • Provides a new community to promote your freebies
  • Request TS to create clipart without additional charges
  • Submit materials for the TS newsletter for NO Charge
  • Share freebies in the community, you can be featured in TS blogs for NO Charge 
  • Earn 20% lifetime revenue share for new premium referrals (Think: Wouldn’t your followers on TPT love to join to be able to edit your current FREEBIES?)
  • Follow other members & see who your followers are
  • Create on TS & sell your materials wherever you’d like (TPT, TN, your blog, etc)

The possibilities are endless for this new teacher-romance. So, create with TeacherSherpa, sell on TPT.  Ready for the journey? Discover more