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Meet the next, BEST thing in your Teacher Toolbox…

25276200 - toolbox with tools on laptopby Guest Blogger, Julie Fun

When innovators Emmanuel Colliot and Danielle Rivera decide to think outside of the box (the teacher toolbox), great things come to the world of education!

Indeed, these talented co-creators of the newest teacher website,, have launched a cutting-edge and (in my opinion) brilliant venue where designing digital teacher products just became a whole lot easier!

What is TeacherSherpa?

A community where teachers can create & share resources and materials with an array of nifty, customized tools and gadgets right at their fingertips!

Here’s another cool thing about TeacherSherpa: 

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 8.25.47 AM

Check out these templates!

After you’re finished designing your resources, you can then choose what you wish to do with your teacher-created materials…

Besides printing, you can also download, save and market on sites like TPT, TN, etc. TeacherSherpa is a great companion for TPT product design!

OR, you can choose to share them directly through TS’s global teaching community, which offers free resources to teachers like us all around the world!

Sharing materials on TS is also a fabulous way to earn extra cash because your referrals will bring you an amazing 20% recurring monthly income on new members brought in through your unique link attached to all of your materials! WOW!

TeacherSherpa’s Inspiration Wall of freebies is something you’ll definitely want to check out!  These resources can be downloaded for free and you can use them in your own classroom. They even offer a membership where you can download and EDIT these freebies in order to customize them just the way you want for your individualized needs!


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 8.44.06 AMIn a nutshell… What does it mean for you to create on TeacherSherpa?


  • Create on TS & sell your materials wherever you’d like (TPT, TN, your blog, etc)
  • Recreate your freebies using TS to make them EDITABLE, and shout it out to your followers to join!
  • TS offers an all-in-one design tool
  • Access to unlimited clipart, fonts, backgrounds, images
  • Request TS to create clipart at no additional charge
  • QR code generator is included
  • Create & save into folders you organize for your own needs
  • Provides a new community to promote your freebies
  • Follow other members & see who your followers areI
  • Get featured in the TS newsletter for free
  • You can also be featured in TS blogs for no charge
  • Earn 20% lifetime revenue share for new premium referrals. (Think: Wouldn’t your followers on TPT love to join to be able to edit your current FREEBIES?)

So hop on over to TeacherSherpa and give a look around. Search for some freebies, try out the all-in-one design tool..I promise – you’ll be very glad you did!
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TeacherSherpa Tip of the Day…create-button

Just click on this button and begin designing attractive, marketable products to sell on TPT TODAY!

All the backgrounds, borders, frames, fun fonts and clipart packages you need are just a click away!!!



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