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3 Back to School Must Haves

Written by Danielle, TS cofounder & teacher

Back to School FreebiesThese 3 Back to School must haves are at the top of every teacher’s list. Teachers are looking for things such as ways to organize, student name plates, and other materials for the beginning of the year. As some teachers are only a couple of weeks away from starting a new school year, I thought this would be a good time to focus on these types of materials.  So, I’ve put together a few Back to School must haves that I hope will get you started.

Print the PDF Freebies as is, or edit the color-scheme, clipart, text and more using TeacherSherpa’s all-in-one tool!  Enjoy!

3 Back to School Must-Haves

Back to School Binder Cover Dotted Delights are great for making organization cheerful and fun! Make Back to School organization a little brighter this year. Download this freebie and get ready for back to school! Back to School Must Haves

Back to School Pokémon-Themed Classroom Decor – Go Pokémon for your Classroom Decor theme this Back to School. Your students will love it and you’ll be the hippest teacher in town with these editable pages (using TeacherSherpa’s all-in-one tool) to add your own text and the ability to change the color scheme and clipart too!Oh, what fun this Back to School will be!

Back to School Must Haves

Back to School Editable Brag Tags for Character Education – There’s no better time than Back to School to model and acknowledge students showing good character. These Editable Brag Tags for Character Development are just what you’ll need for quick awards & acknowledgment when it’s time to go back to school. 

Back to School Must Haves


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