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Time for a Whole Lotta’ Fun!

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Whether you are squeezing out the last couple of weeks of summer enjoyment, or still have a month to go, now is the time for a whole lotta’ fun for every teacher out there! Literally!  Fun with Mrs. Fun, and what a sweetheart she is. She has done it again! She’s contributed more of her amazingly, cute clipart to TeacherSherpa!  Who is this angel?!?!  You thought you saw cuteness before, well, you’re going to absolutely love the stuff we’ve added in her own Mrs. Fun Clipart Collection.

QT Kids 

These adorable, little cuties are just what you need when creating those classroom materials for back to school.  Here’s a glimpse of some of the QT Kids you’ll find at TeacherSherpa as part of Mrs. Fun’s collection.

Mrs-Fun-QT-Kids                                        Mrs-Funs-QT-Kid2                                           Mrs-Fun-QTKids-with-sign


Adorable, huh?

That’s not all you’ll find in Mrs. Fun’s clipart collection on TS. This talented teacher has a knack for cuteness!  Here’s a sneak peak of what she’s created with these playful little chickies!

Mrs-Fun-Chick                                  Mrs-Fun-Chicks                     Mrs-Fun-polkadot-chick


There’s always time for a whole lotta’ fun! 

Mrs. Fun, keeps up the fun theme with her backgrounds and frames, too!  As a teacher-author on sites like TPT, she knows the importance of creating a fabulous, fun, and eye-catching cover for those materials you create.  So, yes, of course, she wanted to include these in her clipart collection.  Here are a few to give you and idea of the playfulness that keeps going! 

Mrs-Fun-Starburst-Background                     Mrs-Fun-Bandana-Background                     Mrs-Fun-Chevron-Background

Discover more delights

If you’re like me, you just won’t get enough of these little darlings that Mrs. Fun has created to make your classroom materials a lot more fun! So hop on over to see more of her stuff at TeacherSherpa, and don’t forget to visit her at theinspiredclassroom.org, too.  

Check out Mrs. Fun’s profile page to discover a few freebies too!








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