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4 Pokémon Go Freebies For Your Classroom

Danielle Rivera TS cofounder & educatorWritten by, co-founder & educator, Danielle.  

The Pokémon Go Craze for Back to School is bound to influence you and your planning at some point.  So, will you push back or embrace it? I say embrace the Pokémon.  Besides, if jumping on the wagon to provide a little fun, a little extra motivation, or simply because you are that teacher that rides the trending waves based on what’s popular in your students’ lives, then go for it!

So, this week – yep, you guessed it – I’m sharing (or for some of you, re-sharing) some Pokémon themed materials.

Pokémon Go Craze for Back to School – Let’s Go!

                                                                Pokemon Go for Back to School

First, for your 3rd-5th grade students, check out this App Review writing lesson for days 1 & 2.  And, be on the lookout for the continuation.

                                                               Pokemon Go How-To writing

Or, use this How-To activity as a stand-alone assignment or to supplement a longer lesson.

                                                               Pokemon writing for primary

And, here’s a simple, but fun writing activity built around the Pokémon theme. Check it out!

                                                               Pokemon themed decor

If you’re just looking for some classroom decor, we’ve got that too!

Okay, there you go!  There are a few more that I’ve created and shared on the Inspiration Wall at TeacherSherpa, so print or edit those as well.  And, remember, I’ll be sharing more in the days to come.