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Growth Mindset in the Classroom: Changing Students’ Perspective

tsmichelleheadshot Written by Sherpa Blogger, Michelle Hernandez


According to Growth Mindset Boy ReadingMindset author, Carol Dweck, “Individuals who believe their talents can be developed (through hard work, good strategies, and input from others) have a growth mindset.”

Students are beginning to settle into your classroom.  And, you are already thinking ahead. You know where you want students to be by the end of the year, and as you get to know your students, you come up with ideas and strategies to get them there.

Some students may believe intelligence and talent are factors they have little power over. However, imagine what a difference could be made in the classroom if students changed their perspective and developed a growth mindset about their learning. How might motivation increase if students started thinking about talent (all talent) as something they have control over and could work to develop?

This shift in thinking is probably a big one for some students. It might be something you work on all year, but it is something they will take with them beyond the confines of the classroom. So, take it one step at a time. You might share your own anecdotes or read stories that exemplify growth mindset. In addition, you can help students set and track goals. Praise their effort and progress, not just successes.

With guidance, your students can alter the way they look at challenges and their own abilities. And, it could be truly life-changing.

Growth Mindset Freebies To Use In Your Classroom

This Growth Mindset pack includes a chart to help students start looking at challenges in new ways, in addition to suggested Read Alouds and follow-up activity and posters for the classroom.

Growth Mindset Pack


Help students realize the power of goal-setting and taking deliberate steps toward achieving their goals. This packet will help students think through their goals and come up with a plan. It also includes a place to track their efforts and reflect on their progress and learning. This could also be used by teachers to reflect on their own goals!😊

Growth Mindset With Goal Setting

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