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6 Election and Voting Resources to Use With Your Students

tsmichelleheadshot Written by Sherpa Blogger, Michelle Hernandez


The weeks and months leading up to Election Day, especially on the year of a presidential election, can be incredibly exciting. There are great stories and nonfiction texts to read together. There is opportunity for interesting discussion and connections to students’ lives. You can also explore historical events around elections, voting, and voting rights. Younger students might be introduced to the basic concepts of choice and voting. We’ve included 6 election resources here and look forward to seeing what you create on TeacherSherpa in the coming weeks!


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2016 Presidential Election QR Code Activity by Michelle Hernandez

Give students the opportunity to learn more about the 2016 Presidential Election, the candidates, and more! Students  can simply scan the included QR codes to go straight to the Scholastic and Time for Kids election pages. There is also a printable included in this pack for students to write about what they learned. If you’d like to make this activity easier or more challenging for your students, you can make changes on the TeacherSherpa editor.

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Presidential Election Bubble Map by Danielle Rivera

Use this Presidential Election Bubble Map as an additional resource when teaching about the election. Students can use these graphic organizers to write what they know about each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. Or, make a copy of this original, then add text boxes for specific topics such as immigration, education, etc and students can write what they know about each candidate’s plan and viewpoint.

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Election Compare and Contrast by Michelle Hernandez

Compare and contrast the ideas of the 2016 presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Students can use the Venn diagram graphic organizer to organize their ideas then write them out on the lines below.

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Election Read Alouds w/ QR Codes by Michelle Hernandez

QR code Read Alouds! Print this QR code sheet for students to scan and watch 3 Storytime with Miss Yumi video read alouds. Three awesome election-themed read alouds are included: Grace For President, Amelia Bedelia’s First Vote, and Duck for President. Use these stories as an introduction to an election or voting unit or to spark some interesting class discussion!

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Presidential Election for Kids 2016 by Danielle Rivera

Will you be holding a mock Presidential Election in your classroom or campus this year? Check out this Presidential Election for Kids 2016 teacher-created material! Included are signs for voter registration and voter registration cards. There are also voting “stickers”, ballot box sign and ballots, and a Vote Aquí/Here sign.

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Voting Activity for Little Kids by Michelle Hernandez

Get your Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Graders in on the voting fun with this Election Activity for Little Kids! Students will watch a Sesame Street video on the word vote and have the chance to vote for their favorite snack. After this intro, you can check out the TeacherSherpa template, Election Read Alouds with QR Codes!

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