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100th Day Freebies for the Classroom

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Written by Danielle Rivera, co-founder & educator – 100th Day Freebies are here! Don’t you wish every day could be the 100th day of school?  I mean, who doesn’t LOVE getting a break from the routine of things every now and then to celebrate a monumental day?  Students proudly wear crowns announcing how they are now “100 days smarter”. And, let’s face it, teachers get just as excited to celebrate this big day.  It’s like a play day filled with hidden learning that our students are totally excited about! The 100th day of school is definitely an anticipated one.

So, I won’t hold you up any longer than this. I’ll get right to the sharing of what you came here for – IDEAS! FUN, FABULOUS 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL IDEAS!

100th Day of School FREEBIES

What’s the 100th Day celebration without a keepsake of what your kiddos will look like 100 years from now?  Well, you just have to download the free AgingBooth app to make your students’ pictures look as if they aged to be 100! And, I promise you won’t regret the “Oh, my goodness!” “That’s me in 100 years!” and the constant laughs and giggles these pictures will bring.  Then tie it together with my Me Now & In 100 Years from Now FREEBIE download that you can grab here.

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Next, on the list,  100th Day Reflections & Paying It Forward, as well as My Story about the Number 100. Your students might surprise you as they get pretty creative turning the number 100 into just about anything – depending on where their imagination takes them. Just when you think it’s the number 100, something crazy happens and it turns into….?!?! Grab this TS Exclusive (editable using TS’ all-in-one editor) for your 100th-day celebration. And, while you’re at it, go ahead and download this 100th Day Read Alouds with QR codes for your reading center.

Whoa, isn’t it exciting planning for the 100th DAY!  Even if you’re excitement is because you’re thinking “Wow! We made it through 100 days!” or “Yippee…..we can make it another 80!” {insert giggle} Okay, so back to the FREEBIE grabbing! Don’t worry, I have more to share with you from some SUPER, FUN Content Contributors that are sharing their stuff on TeacherSherpa.  

More Fun for the 100th Day


Now, TheVirtualTeacher is getting her science on with these ‘100 Days of School Science Task Cards’ and ‘100 Days of School Science Domino Challenge’ printable. And, you’ll have to grab this adorable and easy to use 100 days mini booklet for the 100th day of school – ‘My 100 Days of School Book’.  I mean, after all, how could you celebrate this day without having a keepsake to look back on? Download these FREEBIES


christine bailes There’s also Christine Bailes, who is celebrating the 100th day of school with this ‘100 Days of School Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives’ where students will work on parts of speech while they are trying to think of 100 nouns, verbs, and adjectives. She’s also created a great ‘100th Day of School Certificates’ printable that’s EDITABLE using TeacherSherpa’s all-in-one design tool.  And, don’t miss out on her ‘100th Day of School Activities’ printable that taps into students’ creativity, provides counting practice, and has a cut-out crown to sport around on this special day. Download these FREEBIES. 

Oh, my goodness! Your students are going to have so much FUN on the 100th Day, that the rest of the year will be smooth sailing! These activities will get them re-energized and ready tackle anything!  I’ve got more to share with you, too!  


Content contributor, NRegier is sharing 100 Day activities that will have your students begging for more! First up,  Acrostic Poem templates where students will think of a word or phrase that relates to the 100th day of school and that begins with each letter in the word hundred.  And, what’s the 100th Day without a fun game of Find Someone Who?!  You’ll want to grab these two FREE downloads, as well as her Now/At 100 Years Venn Diagram Comparison and the 100th Day Cut-And-Paste Journal Prompts! Download these FREEBIES.


Keep on grabbing all of these great activities, but don’t stop here!

Don’t Miss These Activities

   katies kiddos              mr blake                  Little Hands, Busy Minds

Check out Katie’s Kiddos stuff as you plan activities to engage your students at various centers. You won’t need scissors or glue for this 100th Day Double-Sided Flipbook.  This flipbook has a TON of stuff within it, including addition, subtraction, writing and everything in between! Katie’s Kiddos is also sharing this 55-page 100th Day Activity Pack! YAY for Katie’s Kiddos! It even includes a “snacktivity” – FUN!

Additionally, teacher-author, mrblake (yes, all lowercase) also shared a fun activity pack that helps you and your students celebrate those first 100 days of learning!  He brings you this Geaux Teach 100th Day of School Activities with an assortment of six activities/games that your students will love. You can plan a fun-filled day of learning around these activities that your students will never forget! “Geaux, Mr. Blake!” You rock!

While you’re at it, for your toddler & preschoolers, here’s an extra All About Me activity from another great content contributor,  Little Hands, Busy Minds.  This unit can be done any day of the year and includes a weekly Planning Web and Weekly Developmental Goal. Check out the 1 Sample day of hands-on developmentally appropriate activities for all learning areas (Math, Science, Circle Time, Transitions, Dramatic Play area).  This unit is aligned to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Whew! That’s a whole lotta fun packed in! So, take your pick or grab them all – we don’t mind! We all LOVE sharing!

I hope you found these resources and activities helpful as you plan for the 100th Day of School! Lots of love and appreciation to the teachers who contributed these materials!

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