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Sell Teacher Resources Online Contributor Spotlight

Sell Teacher Resources Online

What does it mean to be a content contributor on TeacherSherpa? It means you sell teacher resources online. TeacherSherpa content contributors are hard working teachers or retired teachers who want to help other educators by sharing the content that they’ve created for their classrooms. Whether you are currently working or you are retired, you can utilize your curriculum creation skills to earn extra income online by selling the curriculum you’ve created for your classroom.



how to sell teacher resources online


We don’t discriminate! Do you sell on Teachers Pay Teachers? That’s okay! Upload your existing teacher resources for sale on TeacherSherpa! You can also create new teacher materials with our create tool. If you don’t feel you have time to upload your materials, we can do it for you with our white glove service. We don’t care where else you offer your online teacher curriculum resources, we’re happy to share all of your classroom resources and to share the royalties with you!

So, wondering how to sell teacher resources online?

In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting our current content contributors. They’ll share insider tips to help you succeed and even the pros and cons of selling and creating printables on TeacherSherpa. First up, Sally Boone.

Sally likes the simplicity of use of the create tool, but as a seasoned retired teacher, she rarely uses it. That’s okay, you can create your teacher resources anywhere and upload them to TeacherSherpa. The create tool is designed to make creating curriculum and finding clipart easy. The library of images are all royalty free and license free.

Here’s what Sally has to say about being a TeacherSherpa content contributor:

I’ve known Teacher Sherpa now for about 2 years and our relationship has just continued to grow! It was love at first sight for me! I really wasn’t looking for another platform to sell my teacher resources but then I bumped into TS.

I was spellbound! Imagine, a place where teachers could download whatever they wanted for a very reasonable fee! Finally someone who understood teachers. Someone who knew that teachers were always in need of resources for their classroom but did not always have the finances to buy, buy, buy.

I tentatively contacted TS to express interest and received a response within the day! A person contacted me…yes a real person… and we chatted about the mission of TS. Within the week, I started my store…or what was to become my classroom! For the past 2 years, I have added resources to my classroom store, promoted TS, and watched the site grow. It is impressive and I am as much in love with TS as the day we met!”

Thanks, Sally, those are very kind words. Our primary goal is to help teachers find classroom resources without breaking the bank. The idea that you can come here, search for what you want, and get unlimited downloads for a small fee is what we hope keeps people coming back again and again.

For teachers who have created curriculum or enjoy creating educational resources, we do everything we can to encourage you and to help you earn royalties when you sell teacher resources online.


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