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Spring into 4th Quarter with CVC Families

CVC Short Vowel Word Family Bundle – By Kinspiration

Spring is here! And with it comes the final quarter of this year with your students and those dreaded end of the year report cards. Have they memorized their sight words? Do they know their letter sounds? Can they decode CVC words forwards, backwards, and sideways?!  Its time to spring into 4th quarter with CVC families.

Look no further!

The Kinspiration Store at TeacherSherpa.com is brimming with fresh new CVC families resources to help your students power through this last quarter and emerge as master readers! 

CVC Teacher Resources

CVC word families

CVC puzzles

CVC word wheels

CVC read and find activities

CVC writing practice and more!  

Better yet, these CVC Word Families resources (and all other CVC resources) are available for FREE at TeacherSherpa.com!

We all know that mastery over CVC words is a crucial step on the road to reading success. Why else would we spend so much time on it? It’s also a tricky skill to learn because what you’re really teaching them is how to read independently — how to decode and blend those letter sounds you’ve been practicing all year.  You’re giving them the tools to pick up a book and read to themselves.  It’s empowering!  And it’s challenging.  Students need practice with CVC words in a variety of contexts such as through games (link), worksheets (link), hands-on activities (link), and more. Each student is unique and teaching them to become star readers requires a different combination of tools each time. 

Go stock up your tool box with FREE high quality CVC families resources from the Kinspiration Store at TeacherSherpa.com and bring your students one step closer to reading success.

Happy Teaching!

Roll a CVC Word by Kinspiration

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