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May-themed FREE STEM Resources at TeacherSherpa

May-themed STEM Resources from Kinspiration

Ready? STEM? Go!

May is here and the flowers are blooming! There’s never been a better time to add some fun STEM activities to your classroom. And it couldn’t be easier with new FREE STEM resources from our teacher-authors at

STEM in Nature

STEM and nature are a perfect fit. In fact, most of our greatest inventions begin with an observation of something amazing in nature. So, pack up those science journals and magnifying glasses and go on a nature walk with your students and talk about how each tree, each animal, each insect is designed to function in its habitat. And as your students make observations of their own, casually let it slip that there is a whole set of new nature-themed STEM task cards waiting for them back in the class.

Your boys will be jumping out of their seats at this one (Don’t worry, there’s also more peaceful engineering projects). Your whole class will be begging for more STEM time. So, declare a STEM weekend and have them each take home a task card for whole family STEM fun!

STEM the Weather

Don’t let those rainy May days get you down. In fact, the changing weather is a perfect excuse to examine all the ways that humans have adapted over time with brilliant inventions to overcome harsh conditions.

So, put your future-engineers to work designing fun and creative ways to beat the weather! And throw in those extra challenges found on the bottom of every card for some added fun and excitement!

STEM Spring Life

One of the best parts about spring is the reemergence of life. The buzzing, chirping, hooting, and howling of animals waking from their winter slumber or returning home from their journey south. This yearly event brings with it great opportunities to study science and engineering in the context of natural life.

STEM Resource. May Themed. Life Themed. Design a home for an animal.

So take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and the burst of new life around school to bring science and engineering together with STEM projects like this one. The Extra Challenge makes this activity truly practical for all those future zoologists in your class.

Give me more!

This is just one of many incredible and (it merits repeating) FREE resources you can find at Don’t like the cards or want to tweak them to be just perfect for your class? Anything designed on the TS editor is available for all teachers to change and remake to their heart’s content.

If, like mine, your students just can’t get enough of STEM and the joy of being a kid engineer, then TeacherSherpa’s got you covered with a trove of STEM resources that are ready to go. Just print and teach!

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