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Father’s Day Resources on TeacherSherpa.com

Father’s Day resources on TeacherSherpa.com are a great way to celebrate the hard work and dedication that our students’ fathers exhibit every day. And this needs to be done, because, for most families, fathers are the bread winners and don’t get to spend as much time with their kids as they’d like.

For most of us, when we were growing up, we wished we had more time with our dads. In fact, I bet most of us would say that we’re closer to our moms than our dads. How many of your students do you think would say that, too?

So, it’s great that we set aside a day every year to remember how awesome our dads are and how much they provide for us by sacrificing their time and energy. Because, I’m sure, most of them would rather be home spending time with their kids than stuck at the office.

Below are some creative resources to help you celebrate Father’s Day in your class. They’re completely FREE and ready to download from TeacherSherpa.com’s Inspiration Wall.

Get ready to be inspired!

All About My Father Mini Book

This easy-to-use mini book helps your students to reflect on what they know about their dads. You can use it as an in-class Father’s Day activity, a send-home assignment to have them interview their dads, or as a secret project to be published and given as a Father’s Day gift. Whatever you choose, it’s a win.

Father’s Day Thematic Unit

Raise your hand if you want a 20-page thematic unit on Father’s Day for FREE! Download this Father’s Day resource and you’ll have activities for the whole week complete with a history of Father’s Day, comprehension questions, letter templates, word searches, and more. You definitely want this for your classroom.

Father’s Day Gift Book

A DIY flipbook template makes a perfect kid-made gift for Dad on his special day. Download your FREE copy here. Your students will love the cute graphics and silly monsters and Dad will love their heart-felt words. This template features six half page worksheets with a space to write a personal letter at the back.

Father’s Day Reading Comprehension

Every holiday is a good excuse to get in some extra reading practice. This Father’s Day activity includes five short passages and accompanying reading comprehension questions. You can sharpen your students’ literacy skills while celebrating Father’s Day. Now, that’s multitasking. Good job, you.

And do you know what makes this even better? It’s completely editable at the TeacherSherpa resource editor.

Father’s Day Handprint Certificates

Looking to award some certificates for being with the World’s Best Dad? Check out these cute templates on the TeacherSherpa Inspiration Wall. Simply paint your students’ hands and have them print them (upside down) on the page for a quick, but frame-worthy, Father’s Day gift.

So, whatever you’re looking for this Father’s Day, come on down to the Inspiration Wall at TeacherSherpa.com and check out all of the free and creative resources available there. While you’re there, consider becoming a teacher-author yourself and inspiring others with your work. And of course, earning a few bucks for yourself in the process.

On behalf of the TS Team, Happy Father’s Day to you all and to all the incredible fathers, grandfathers, godfathers, and uncles out there.

-Jason Namba (The Kinspiration Store)

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